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Content marketing for financial advisors

The importance of content Marketing for Financial institutions

Content marketing often adds valuable insights, information and recommendations through different sources and channels. This marketing strategy is a form of inbound marketing, in which the main aim is to attract customers by creating valuable content and experiences adapted to them. That said with the objective of boosting the engagement between the brand and your audience by creating connections about information they are searching for.

What is content marketing for financial services?

Creating content is a high-valued resource that, with a defined editorial schedule of marketing communications goals, can create a high engagement with your current customers and potential customers. That is to say, it is very important to have a clear understanding of who is your audience. Most importantly have a clear strategy of what type of content they are interested in and finally create high-quality useful information relating to financial services you can offer them through the correct channels.

In addition, it’s all about valuing and empowering your audience. In this way they can reach their objectives guided by your useful information.

Trust is key to the success of a financial institution. It boosts loyalty and engagement. In other words, it is vital that your customers and potential customers feel comfortable and trust your brand. This is an industry that impacts directly to the user’s wellbeing and patrimony.

Content generates trust, and this can generate the confidence to invest in a company’s products and services. Your financial institution needs your audience’s trust to succeed and grow.

Therefore, financial brands should educate customers through interactive content, given that usually financial information may be difficult to understand. Therefore, taking actions in this kind of strategy is mandatory.

How to create your financial content marketing strategy?

We will focus on 3 different strategies to accomplish your goals and help your business grow better:

1. Attraction

Firstly, you need to reach your audience and create brand awareness. You must create and publish content, such as blog articles, content offers, social media and email newsletters, that really provide value. Some examples can be:

1). guides on how to use your products and services.

2). information about how your service can solve their economic problems.

3). add value to their trading accounts or savings management.

4). guides about financial education.

5). economic events and any market guidance.

Said that, to improve your traffic you to need to optimize all this content with a SEO on page and off page strategy. A SEO strategy will require you to target with specific keywords and sentences related to your services and products.

Basically all information related to how your business helps your audience to solve their trading issues or improve their financial life. The SEO must be done obligatory with a good UX/UI support.

Consequently, you will increase your organic traffic and get a better position on the search engines result pages.  As a result, people that are searching for this type of financial content could become potential leads. 

Said that. if customers are impressed by your digital content, there is a high probability that they will want to get in contact with you, receive more information from you, and this can lead into a future sale.

2. Engagement, differential part in content marketing for financial institutions

Secondly, high quality content is often shared and read via social networks, such as Linkedin or Twitter for the financial markets. In addition, brands that are well known for sharing useful information and that post regularly, enables brands to establish themselves as wise leaders which help to create a very positive reputation and community.

Most importantly, in financial content marketing is that you should always be focusing your content on the solution, rather than the product selling.

This will guarantee all deals will be close as positive win-win transactions, meaning that you are providing value for your correct customers.

3. Follow up your Financial Content marketing strategy:

Thirdly, content marketing really takes time to generate impact. It can take between 1 and 2 years to optimize your content through your different channels. The important thing here is to establish periodic communications and make sure that you don’t lose your already engaged users.

A monthly follow up of your content is vital. Manage a content calendar and report to evaluate the effectiveness of your current content. Finally, re-evaluate if your strategy is focusing on your correct audiences, creating the image that you really want to project and put your brand into new objectives of what you want to accomplish for the next steps.

Some KPIs that you can use to measure if your financial content marketing strategy is really working correctly are:

  • Web Traffic by Source/Medium. Your site traffic is a key metric for reporting (number of pageviews, number of sessions, average time per session, bounced rate, number of users, demographics data, etc.)..
  • Impressions and CTR
  • Content engagement: shares and interactions with your posts
  • Lead generation
  • Keywords rankings
  • Number of Backlinks

If you are looking for a financial content marketing agency to help you define your content and audiences we can help you!

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