How to create a Linkedin profile for financial advisors?

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Linkedin marketing for financial advisors

Linkedin is the most trusted and upstanding social media platform for financial business and services. According to figures from Linkedin, “Linkedin members are 2X more likely to look for advice on the platform and are 1.7X more receptive to brand messages. Furthermore, Linkedin is renowned for having the highest engagement. With its members making  it the number one platform for lead generation.

Financial services usually have a longer buying cycle compared to other industries. That‘s why it is very important to always be visible for potential clients. In this line, every time that you can provide valuable content in the form of an article, press release, advice, advertisement or even sharing information about your colleagues in your network, you will be  already creating a potential business opportunity.

There is a considerable opportunity for financial services professionals to make themselves more attractive. And reliable to clients who are looking for these kinds of services. For a potential client it is very useful to find more about the professionals in a company where they are interested in investing in or hiring their services. Consequently, the content on your personal and company’s profile is critical.  Your profile should help educate customers, improve your reputation, and differentiate you from the competition.

Financial advisor Linkedin in 5 tips

1. Use an attractive Linkedin headline for financial advisors

First of all remember that users don’t care about what you do; they only care about how you can help them. To create a perfect headline, you need to focus 100% on the core of your business, your target audience and how your services can help them.

A strong headline helps you stay at the top of the mind of people in your network. If people don’t know your differential value or how you can help with your services they will not contact you. Your business will not look interesting enough to hire.

2. Build genuine connections and networking

You need to work on genuine connections. The main aim of Linkedin, the reason for the existence of this professional social network, is to contact with personal outreach strategies, not impersonal messages. Not massive communications, that is not the use of Linkedin at all.

Yes, it’s free to send message-blasts to many contacts but it will just land a few responses. And that’s not the approach that will lead you to the results you are looking for.

3. Create a Content marketing strategy

Perhaps the most important point to develop and highlight: It is critical for you to create content that provides value for your contacts in your network. Remember you are the expert. And the best way to generate engagement and confidence with your followers is generating useful and interesting content for them. Create and publish unique content that can be useful to your followers in their business and turn on the need for them to hire your services.

Some interesting ideas of tasks for a financial content marketing strategy are to : create  blog posts, articles, eBooks, case studies, interviews, webinars, etc. You need to make it extremely visible how you can help your users. So then they can reach you out, start a conversation and become a potential lead/customer that will also help increase your website traffic. 

4. Share and diversify your content

Almost every financial services professional has access to marketing content they could be sharing with their networks. Some shares will generate immediate inbound interest. Most will position you or your business as experts and a trustful leader. And in this way you will keep on your user’s mind as a top 1 whenever they decide to hire services like yours.

Another important recommendation is that you need to diversify your content. Even if LinkedIn’s algorithm favors certain types of topics, you have to focus on the different needs of your target users.

5. Be patient and don’t stop creating content

Take note that there are no instant goals and results. You need to keep patient and continue uploading content at least on a monthly basis or every 2 weeks. That is the recomendable amount.

Always keep in mind that you need to build trustful relationships with your users. So they can feel safe to contact you and hire you. Additionally to create your own content, it is very useful that you have a constant interaction with your users and client’s content. For example: share and comment clients posts, share and like any post with interesting information related to your business, etc. All these increase LinkedIn’s algorithm, boost your brand awareness and reliability of your brand.

To sum up

On the whole, we are a very volatile industry in which as we always recommend, reliability and trust are the main values to work with. Generating content and being the  clearest and most transparent with your users is vital as people need to trust you so you can generate a good lead engagement and consequently important figures of sales.

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