A team built by traders and marketers.

We'll guide you in an honest way to achieve profitable results thanks to a consistent marketing plan

FinancialMarkets.media is the new media agency specialized in financial markets managed by the existing FXStreet’s Marketing and Traders team.

We decided to become an independent advertising and marketing agency to increase your business opportunities offering you a wider publisher and broker network where to invest.

Financial SEO

A Marketing and Media agency based on honest human relations.

We are the humans behind the machines.

Our mission is to guide financial institutions and publishers in an honest way so you can run visually powerful communications that turn into a win-win profitable investment.

Programmatic advertising is fine, but it still fails to understand the real needs of the players. That’s where our team makes the big difference.

Our Locations

We proudly operate from our headquarters in Barcelona and our secondary office in Cyprus.

Additionally, we have established a secondary office in Cyprus, expanding our reach across the Mediterranean and beyond.

With this dual presence, we leverage diverse talents and resources to deliver exceptional services and foster global collaborations.

Meet our team

Barcelona HQ



“Something I have learnt in all of my years in Marketing is that the key factor of all successful business transactions is the humans behind them who make them possible.”


Sales and Business Relations Director

“With +9 years experience in brokerage and financial media, I am the link between advertisers and publishers. My goal is to ensure that both parties get the best performance, which will result in a steady growth of their turnover.”


Head of Product Sales

“I have been leading the Financial data products sales for 13 years at FXStreet and I have learnt so many things since then, as to the importance of how some data tools are key to making trading both easier and more accurate.”


Performance Marketing Director

“A good SEO strategy is synonymous with success on the internet. With extensive knowledge of how search engine algorithms work, I will help your brand to be positioned at the top.”


Marketing & Communication Director

“Communicating is my key strength. My aim is to put all the creativity in producing really HOT communication: Honest, Open and Two-way to work with all our clients.”


Advertising Controller

“I am here to get the most value for every impression, deliver better experiences, and manage your entire ads campaign so you can get the best CTR rates.”


Marketing Sales & Account Manager

“Making good decisions requires knowing what your true needs are and then, taking the right steps towards them.
My aim is to guide you through your own business’ discovery process and to be your reference for trust but also for understanding.”


Front-end Developer

“Creating digital experiences is my passion. 
I am convinced that the combination of technical skills, creativity and attention to detail are key elements. I will help you to strike a balance between functional and aesthetic design.”

Cyprus Office


Brand Executive

Your brand’s reputation is the first step to generating and retaining customers. I’m here to make sure that your brand’s online presence is flawless.


Publisher Relations Director

“We understand how important high quality traffic is. By nurturing relationships with our financial publishers, we get the very best traffic for your brand, at the best possible prices.”

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