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Technicals to Trading System 

From Classic Charting to AI Developments  

When Tuesday 16 April 2024

At One Moorgate Place, City of London and Online  

Save up to 18% on ticket price by booking your place before 16 March!! 

The 2024 conference builds on the success of last year’s inaugural event, offering new insights into how best to integrate classic charting into your trading system.

Take this unique opportunity to see and hear specialists who have been known to innovate and challenge the profession, and quantitative specialists who can provide a systems/structure to enhance the technical analysis discipline.

Speakers include:

Linda Bradford Raschke, Founder LBR Group, author, system developer and commodity trading advisor  (via Virtual Link)

Victor Kouzmanov, Head of the Systematic Energy Book, Freepoint Commodities

David Linton, CEO, Updata

David Forino, Co-Founder, Simplify Trading

Victoria Scholar, Head of Investment, interactive investor

Elizabeth Miller Lead Commodity & Macroeconomic Analyst, Mars Chocolate UK & Wrigley UK

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The Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is recognised worldwide as one of the largest and most widely respected not-for-profit organisations which trains and accredits members of the investment community, from industry professionals to private individuals, interested in the study of technical analysis. Members come from across 50 countries – India, Malaysia, Australia, US, Canada, Europe to name just a few. We have been setting the standards in technical analysis for 50 years and have been teaching our professional technical analysis courses for over 25 years, including teaching students at King’s College London and Queen Mary University London. Over the past 50 years The STA has promotes the understanding of technical analysis and its role as a vital investment tool.

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