Reasons Why your Website Needs an Audit

Website audit

The importance of doing a website audit

Does your website have a low retention rate? Are you wondering why your marketing strategies do not get results? Running a website audit could easily give you answers to these and other questions about the behavior of your audience while on your site. For any digital business it is normal to experience technical issues related with SEO, UX or others which could be critical for positioning your site at the top of the search engines.

Having this in mind, it is essential for any financial business to run an audit periodically to control these issues and keep the website “healthy” for a good user experience and to optimize it in order to improve your presence on the search engines.

What is a Website Audit?

Before starting making changes in terms of SEO, web architecture or design we need to know the errors and the performance of the website. Here is where a website audit helps us to identify every issue that can negatively influence the website’s well practices. A technical website audit should be carried out by every digital business in order to analyze errors, identify opportunities and launch campaigns without having to resolve issues after.

Of course this task needs a professional back up due to its technical nature. Among other factors, a website audit helps to give answers to a few crucial points.

  • Traffic.
  • Retention.
  • Conversions.
  • Usability.
  • Positioning.

As we have said, a technical website audit helps to identify the errors that include these factors, but most importantly all of them must be fixed later. Thus, a checklist audit is usually used to follow step by step both to know the errors and to give a solution.

Why is it necessary to do a web audit?

The answer is simple, we must adapt to what the search engines ask for and the changes in their algorithms. In order to be present at the top of Google, Bing or other search engines, we must have our website optimized according to the parameters that they demand. We need to demonstrate that we meet certain requirements that have to do with the quality of the website thanks to good SEO and UX practices.

“Imagine that google is a window shop, so if we want to be well seen we must follow some guidelines”

What aspects does a web audit include?

A good web audit is based on covering those crucial technical factors that have a direct influence on the quality of a web page. Those terms can be loading speed, security, competition, conversions, SEO on page and off page etc. We explain them in more detail:


Having HTTPS on a website became one of the main factors to rank better. Algorithms attach great importance to a website being secure and concerned about the privacy of users.

Technical SEO

Without a doubt one of the reasons to make a site audit is to optimize technical SEO and all the aspects that surround it. Among them we can identify the optimization of meta titles, Indexability, Sitemap, web architecture, etc.

Site health

A very important factor, because here we can see the 4xx or 5xx errors that exist on our site. It is also interesting to identify the 3xx redirects and see that all of them are correct.

SEO off page

We must take into account backlink audits. With this we identify if our website appears in toxic domains, which can make our positioning worse. Removing these domains with the Google Disavow Tool is essential for good site practices.

Competitors website audit

Knowing your competitors is essential for any company. In this section, thanks to the site audit, we can detect errors, backlinks, keywords, position tracking, etc. Thanks to this we can discover new ideas or opportunities that we can implement in our business and exploit them in our own way.

How to do an audit with us?

The process is very simple, after doing an audit with the team, the companies will receive a report with all the errors and problems that must be resolved to optimize all the aspects commented previously. In addition, the client will be provided with a guide on how to solve these problems in the most efficient way possible.

Thanks to this audit, all the problems that directly affect the good practices of the company will be identified so that any marketing action that is taken has a better chance of being successful.

As a result, different KPIs like traffic, loading speed, conversions and user retention will be noticeably improved.

Do you need a website audit?

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