Interlinking: Types and Benefits


What is interlinking?

Interlinking SEO consists of linking two pages from the same domain, making a logical structure of useful and interesting links that follow the same thematic line and share the authority of the website. An anchor text is used that is visual and functional for the user.

There are a wide variety of possibilities when interlinking, you can use links that go to the home page, the contact page, product/service landing pages or blog articles.We will ensure that the user can navigate more easily within our website, and in addition, we will be giving Google information about the authority of all the pages of our website.

And most of all, this means that if the user feels comfortable on our page, they will spend more time on it… so search engines will consider our content more relevant, improving our SEO positioning and we will have more chances of conversion.

Types of Interlinking

There are many types of interlinking depending on a few factors.

A very useful recommendation is to link from the pages that are easier to position to those that are more complicated. By doing it this way, those hard-to-rank pages will receive more internal links than others.

If you have a horizontal web, with a single level of url, you can link from the pages with fewer searches to those with more searches.

In a SILO structure, or vertical pages, the home page should link to the most relevant pages or categories of the site. And these, in turn, to the lower level pages.

It is very useful to keep track of internal links, to check them and analyze them from time to time to detect new opportunities. But don’t obsess either, natural linking (with a certain level of clutter) can also be good, as long as it helps the user.

Benefits of Interlinking

Not so long ago it was common to hear “you need to optimize your website for the search engines and for the user”. Right now, these two concepts “Search engine” and “user” are almost becoming the same thing, or so Google wants us to believe. Improvements on your site that are made to help the user, will help the positioning of your site, and the other way around. Improving your interlinking will help both ways. Let’s look at 4 of the most important benefits from good interlinking:

1- Define web architecture

Sounds familiar? We have already talked about how interlinking helps define web architectures and how it improves Googlebot crawling. You must first define what the structure of your site will be like and then support it with internal links. If we compare the construction of a website to that of a house, the internal pages would be like the bricks and the internal linking the mortar that unites them.

2- Improve site navigation

Internal links are used to navigate between pages of the same website. When a user enters your site, you can use them to help them navigate to other pages that are of interest and related. This, in turn, can be used to take the user to pages we want them to visit, such as the contact page or the form to sign up for a newsletter.

3- Improve user experience

By using internal linking well, you can improve the user experience, and Google really appreciates that. How to do it? Showing useful content that complements the information you are already “consuming” on the current page. This makes the user spend more time browsing the web, and Google likes it.

4- Convey authority

Internal links help convey authority or Pagerank from one page to another. So how do you link from one page to another? A very useful recommendation is to link from the home page to the pages you want to position. If you use the keyword with which you want to position yourself, you will be giving signals to Google so that it knows that this page is relevant for that keyword. Of course, do not always use the same anchor text, change it and take advantage of long tail words.


For a good SEO positioning it is essential to work on a good interlinking strategy. Taking this concept into account will help you to have a better user experience on your website as well as helping Google to better crawl your URLs. At we are experts in 360º marketing solutions to help your website comply with standards and thus be successful in the digital environment.

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