Why to Use Telegram for Financial and Crypto Businesses?

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What is Telegram for Businesses?

Telegram for Business is an app that allows you to send open source instant messaging. It is very similar to WhatsApp, but with more features that are very interesting for businesses.

Many companies use WhatsApp for Business because it is the most popular instant messaging application in many countries. But we need to take Telegram into account as they are developing a successful app designed to improve communication with customers and it is oriented to boost marketing strategies in any field.

Why use Telegram instead of Whatsapp?

Both platforms are very useful to communicate with users but Telegram has improved many features to make it more suitable for businesses:

Group management

One of the biggest strengths of telegram is that Its group management is excellent, with great outreach, segmentation, and autoresponder tools. Besides, a great feature is that anyone can join the group. Regarding the members of the group, Telegram allows you to have up to 200,000. The ability to use replies, mentions, and hashtags helps keep the communication of large groups organized and efficient.

Data encryption

Telegram’s data center infrastructure and encryption makes communications fast, secure, and confidential. End-to-end encryption protects messages and your phone number doesn´t need to be shared. You can even create an alias to identify yourself.

Big data capacity

Telegram allows you to share up to 1.5 GB for each file. Having the option of sharing unlimited videos or photos.

How to use telegram as a marketing tool for financial and crypto businesses?

Create your own public channel

Public channels have unlimited users, but only admins can create content. First you need to add a name, description and a link to your website when creating your channel. Do not forget to add a name and a description with a link to your website. As an admin you are the only one in the group who can see the profile of the different users. They will only be able to see how many users participate in the grupo. Besides, it is very easy to create effective campaigns because when a message is added to your channel it will reach all the members of the group.

Better than email marketing

When you send a message, you will see in the hit counter how many members have seen it. This way you can instantly know the impact of your publications. Unlike with emails, here you don’t have the risk of the message ending up in the spam folder. One of the main improvements here is that in Telegram the user does not need to open the mail because he receives a push notification.

Easier with marketing automation

Telegram allows you to automate all your actions. You just have to create a bot that publishes your marketing campaign. You can create contact forms, surveys or receive orders, among other things. It is also possible to schedule posts on your Telegram channel by selecting the date and time you want.

What to know about Telegram Ads?

It’s always interesting Advertising on social networks to reach those people you have not engaged with yet. To increase visibility and expand our vision it is crucial to have a good social ad strategy. Telegram Ads presents many features and improvements to make your sical appearance successful.

Telegram has a few characteristics that we need to take into account before putting our money on this platform. Here are the main ones:

  • All the ad management is done on the platform
  • Non-intrusive advertising: The ad will never appear in private groups or individual charts, only in public channels as a message.
  • Telegram respects privacy, the segmentation will be general and especially based on the themes.
  • The format of the Telegram Ads are sponsored messages of 160 characters and are shown in channels that have more than 1,000 users. The message will be the same for everyone as it cannot be personalized.
  • You will not be able to link your ads to an external site, only to a Telegram channel or bot.
  • The profits obtained from advertising campaigns are shared between Telegram and the administrators of the channels on which the ads appear.


Telegram proved is one step ahead in terms of communication and traditional messaging. Bots open up a world of possibilities for marketing automation processes, as you can seamlessly adapt them to your business.

Do you need a marketing agency that takes care of your presence on Telegram or other social media to improve communication and engagement with your users? At FinancialMarkets.media we can help you to improve your social media strategy in order to take advantage of this channel that is becoming increasingly important for financial and crypto companies.

Does your company need a strategy for Telegram?

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