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Helping financial institutions achieve their goals:

  • celebrates its first anniversary as a 360º Marketing agency
  • On 2022 the company added new digital marketing services to their portfolio and increased their advertising network
  • The agency also increased its scope, reaching new audiences and markets worldwide

Barcelona, February 2023. Moving into the next year and celebrating their first anniversary as a 360º Digital Marketing agency, the international company has analyzed their most important achievements of 2022 and all the goals and objectives that they have for 2023 and beyond.

2022 was a year of unprecedented changes, new objectives and challenges, but nevertheless the company is very proud of their achievements., formed by the former FXStreet Marketing team, was launched in February 2022, and they have been working independently but inside the FXStreet Group ever since to expand their reach globally, introducing the brand and their new digital Marketing services at the most important international events carried out in key markets such as Europe, the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and the MEA countries.

In their transformation from a Marketing Department to a full fledged media agency specialized in finance markets, during 2022, added new digital Marketing services to their offering, which included new optimized solutions such as: Onpage and Offpage SEO counseling, UX/UX design and branding positioning, publishing of Strategic Content Marketing on multiple channels, Copywriting services, the creation of a worldwide and geo-targeted network of Press Release distribution, or management of Social advertisement campaigns, to name a few. “The goal of becoming a new independent Marketing agency and offering all these new digital services is that we can help our clients throughout their entire journey, or help them sporadically on certain needs they may have. The trick has been finding the right talent and partnerships to keep offering our renowned customer care and professionalism while growing exponentially.”  commented Sergi López Tomàs, CEO of

The growth Mr López Tomàs is referring to is also noticeable when having a look at the portfolio of publishers who are now partners of “During 2022 we were lucky enough to add renowned publishers to our portfolio. While keeping our exclusive advertising rights on FXStreet and our standing collaborations with TradingView and Babypips, new relationships were established with the likes of Coin360, FXS168, CashbackFX and ADVFN”,  Mr López continued.

As Mr López Tomàs suggested earlier on, growth without care was never an option for the FMM team. Keeping the right balance between more services and excellent customer service is not easy, but according to them is doable and essential. “Keeping it human and professional is our motto and we really live by it to make the difference our clients expect from us” added Carolina Bracale, Head of Marketing and Communications of” as for 2023 and the future…

Times change and markets change, especially the finance markets. That means we need to keep our versatility while sticking to our quality service standards. We have been in the industry for more than 22 years now, and we have learned a lot but we need to understand there is a lot more to learn, and to adapt to. And that is what we will continue to do next year and in the coming years. Always hoping that, in this journey, we will bring up the best to our clients and partners”. Added Mr López Tomàs. 

The team also feels very optimistic about the future and vows to always continue “working hard to add more specialized services, publishers and products to our portfolio, while we continue to work with the same transparency, reliability and honesty that is our signature in the market. We treasure that recognition  that has been part of our team philosophy since we were the Marketing team of FXStreet.” Concluded Ms Bracale.

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Editor’s Note:, is a new independent media agency specialized in financial markets and part of the FXStreet financial group, as its exclusive media agency. More than 20 years of being part of FXStreet makes the team experts in online advertising and marketing optimization campaigns for diversal businesses in this industry.

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