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AdTech Holding Hosts Its Second Open Hackathon in Cyprus

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Oct. 5, 2023/AdTech Holding, the Cyprus-based international hub
focused on creating startup ecosystems and delivering innovative AdTech and
MarTech solutions, is announcing its second Open HackAdTech Hackathon in
Limassol. The event is held under the auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Research,
Innovation, and Digital Policy of Cyprus and supported by IAB.

This year’s Hackathon will be supported by Quadcode – a gold sponsor of the event.
Quadcode is a fintech company specializing in financial brokerage activities and
offering advanced financial products to clients globally. Being a financial broker
(B2C), the company also offers its SaaS trading platform to other brokers.

Following the remarkable success of its debut Hackathon last year, AdTech Holding
is organizing the second contest on November 25-26, 2023. The Open HackAdTech
Hackathon, 2023, invites all participants who share AdTech Holding’s vision of
transforming the digital landscape with cutting-edge technology and
unconventional ideas.

“We were greatly inspired by the first public Hackathon we hosted in 2022, as
we witnessed the vibrant and collaborative spirit of the community. It went
beyond a standard IT contest; it became an opportunity to connect, cooperate,
and network with like-minded people. With all our experience in mind, we are
eager to make our 2023 hackathon an even more prominent event that will
contribute to developing the Cyprus IT ecosystem — on the island we call our
home. We are very happy to get recognition from society for our actions and
appreciate the nomination of Hackadtech in the Future Shaper category of
Techisland Awards.”

Alex Vasekin, AdTech Holding CEO

Who Can Participate?

HackAdTech invites all IT professionals and enthusiasts, including
programmers, analysts, designers, content creators, students, and industry
visionaries — anyone who is interested in making a positive impact on society
and the industry.

Every team must consist of up to five members and is required to involve a
coding specialist to qualify for the contest.

At the end of the contest, teams must demonstrate a functional prototype of
their idea through a compelling presentation.

HackAdTech Timeline
● Registration is open till: November 20, 2023
● Hackathon: November 25-26, 2023
● Awards ceremony: November 26, 2023

What challenges are put to solve at HackAdTech 2023?

This year, HackAdTech suggests competing in creating and implementing
groundbreaking solutions for two problems: ‘How can we improve life in
Cyprus? ’ and ‘How can we improve the AdTech industry’.

The winning team of each of the two challenges will receive a share of the
€20,000 prize pool. In addition, the contest offers extra rewards in various

For more information about the Open HackAdTech Hackathon 2023, follow this
link or contact

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