Social Media for Financial Advisors

social media marketing for financial advisors

Social media marketing for financial advisors, keys to improve your image.

If you are in any of these financial institutions: banks, hedge funds, forex brokers or multi-asset brokers, etc. It is important that you know that you need to reach different types of customers. This includes for sure having a social media strategy correctly defined and targetized. It is essential in the financial markets sector to have an image close to the client. For this reason, a good strategy in social media for financial advisors can be helpful in strengthening relationships.

Currently, social media is one of the most popular channels that users use to communicate with their brands and also in getting referrals about them, especially when it concerns investing their money.

Financial institutions need to know that social media campaigns are not only releasing some periodic post publications, stories or tweets. They really need to be able to engage with their followers, and create a strong relationship with them. With the goal of transmiting a positive image thanks to: confidence, assistance, honesty and closeness, and again, specially when it comes to invest money. That’s the importance of having a clear financial advisor social media strategy to reach their audience.

Here some important points to consider when planning a strategy in social media for financial advisors:


1. Constant benchmark with your competence.

It is very important for you to know about what brands like yours are innovating and always be aware of the market’s trends. This will help your brand to be one step ahead of what the other brands are doing and identify best actions in key business processes. Social media monitoring is a good tool to start collecting data using different metrics and important for social media marketing for financial advisors.


2. Solid customer service to build a strong community.

For financial institutions it is vital to work with the latest technologies to guarantee a safe and fast service. Metrics such as customer satisfaction, support responses, guide etc. Impact directly on customers decisions. Happy clients are likely to open new accounts, have higher life- time values and referral friends, and all these develop a stronger engagement with your financial services.


3. Work on a real customer engagement strategy thanks to financial advisor social media content.

Having a well defined listening strategy can help most financial institutions to identify negative points and work on them before they turn into a reason to churn. Your clients need to know you listen to them, and that you really care for their trade operation and exchange results.

Financial advisor social media content souldn´t be only posting commercial posts. What a post needs to have is quality content. In most cases educational and informative content that will make the users stop, click and read what you are saying. It is very important to do a correct user profile study to know more about your customer and potential customers, before doing any social media campaign. Having this clear will make you build a stronger engagement and help you better know how to invest your budget for social media ads. This step is crucial for financial content marketing campaigns.


4. Highlight brand values and differentiate from your financial competitors.

In the financial industry we can find several financial brands in which most of them don’t really have quite differences between them. It´s here where is important to work on your brand values and differentiate from your competitors. That includes sharing with your community all your company milestones.

Why should customers create an account on your platform and/or invest their money with? What do you offer that is better for them? Are you a reliable brand? How many real satisfied customers do you have?Do you have excellent customer services, or fast responses? These are some of the main questions you will need to ask yourselves at the beginning of every social media strategy. A solid financial advisor social media strategy should take into account all this matters to be succesful.


5. Compliance and Policies in social media for financial advisors.

In an industry in which all their institutions need to be regulated, it is very important that your social media marketing strategy is aligned to your policies and compliance needs. It is very mandatory that your social media content has been reviewed by your legal and compliance team. Making sure that all the information is clearly and correctly shared with your social marketing team or marketing agency. You can also schedule regular audits to review your policies.

Important: work on a crisis plan with diversal escenarios if eventually something goes wrong.


6. Humanize your posts and make your employers your brand ambassadors.

Last but not least important at all. The Financial Industry ranks the lowest in customer reliability. As a result that´s why it is very important to work in humanizing your brand, and additionally to the previous points we have listed. This will make your users feel more comfortable and increase their trust in you and feel like you are closer to them.

Also is a very good strategy to include your team work and employers in your posts. Share their company milestones, work activities and job promotions. Also boost their participation on your social media channels, ex: sharing your company’s posts, liking your posts, etc.

These are only the main tips to boost your financial advisor social media strategy. If you need more assistance or need more help, feel free to contact us at: is the new media and marketing agency for financial services, managed by the existing FXStreet’s Marketing and Traders team. Our main goal is to take your business where it belongs, and as a 360º marketing agency we cover all the strategies in the digital environment like advertising or web design With the right campaign in Social Media marketing for financial advisors your brand awareness will improve and the connection with your user will take a different direction, being more dynamic and direct.

Do you want a strong image brand on Social Media?

Editor’s Note:, is a new independent media agency specialized in financial markets and part of the FXStreet financial group, as its exclusive media agency. More than 20 years of being part of FXStreet makes the team experts in online advertising and marketing optimization campaigns for diversal businesses in this industry.

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